What to do in 36 hours in Bali


Most people would agree that Bali is an island paradise. Stunning scenery, sunsets and wildlife, combined with surfing, diving and an incredible nightlife mean there’s a lot to fit in, in 36 hours.

bali monkeyFriday, 3pm, Monkey Business

In the cultural heart of Bali you will find a town called Ubud, the monkeys live in a dense bit of jungle at the southern edge. There is a temple and a small charge to enter the sanctuary, unless you want to be mauled by 200 monkeys leave any food at home.

Friday, 4.30pm

Recuperation and Relaxation Stop by at the Spa Hati in Ubud for a four handed massage. The laid back staff will let you chill out for as long as you like afterwards. You’ll leave completely rejuvenated in every way especially as the profits go to support community programmes and local schools.

Friday, 7.30pm Dance!

Bali is full of dance shows, on a normal night you’ll have a pick of half a dozen to choose from although the Ubud Palace is always worth a look. You’ll be amazed by the complex choreography and precision of even the smallest body part.

Friday, 9pm Eating Out

There is plenty of tasty Balinese food on offer and for a magic mix of Balinese with an American twist try Naughty Nuri’s Warung. You’ll find some tasty classic Balinese dishes alongside American staples on the menu.

Saturday, 9am Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The Ayung River runs through Ubud and on top of the gorge the views are amazing. You can take a 90 minute river trip with Bali Adventure Tours that includes a basic lunch, then relax and enjoy the world glide past your rubber raft.


Saturday, 2.30pm Culture Vultures

Part of Ubud’s appeal is in history and art. Find both at the Neka Art Museum and the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Saturday, 5.30pm Sunset

Ubud is closed by 11pm so to make a night of it take a taxi to Seminyak, the journey will take about an hour. With plenty of beach bars to choose from, grab a drink and enjoy watching the sunset over the surf.

Saturday 7pm, Dance the Night Away

Once the sun has set grab a bite to eat before setting off for a bit of dancing. Ku De Ta is a trendy place that faces the sea; the waves are illuminated with floodlights. After 3am the Double Six Club is the place to be with a giant dance floor and bungee jumping at the weekends.

Sunday 10am Make the Hangover History

Bali is famous for its rich coffee, enjoy a cup and prepare for the busy day ahead at one of the caff’s in Ubud. For the more westernised palate lattes are served at Tutmak Warung.

Sunday 11am Gardens in Paradise

The 6 hectare Botanic Garden in Ubud is a magical place, with its own miniature rainforest. Once you have finished admiring the horticulture take lunch at the Chocolate House Caff. The caff is in a traditional Javanese hut and the fruit juices are straight from the gardens.

Sunday 2pm Local Art

There are plenty of local artists and art galleries worth visiting; you could start at the Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women, founded when a British woman was told that women don’t paint. For traditional textiles visit Threads of Life, even if you don’t wish to purchase a hand spun sarong it is still worth a visit.

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Image Credit : Bali Monkey by huygens




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