Adding some Green Touch to your Travel Gear


We all want our travel to be environmentally sustainable and many of us do our utmost best to limit our carbon footprints. Apart from buying carbon credits to offset our footprints on our flights, there is more that we can do to reduce our impact on the environment through the choice of eco travel gear. From eco underwear to green backpacks, numerous options are available for the savvy green traveler.

One of the best ways to reduce our footprints is through recycling of products. When it comes to travel gear, you may opt for used travel gear sold on aftermarkets like for your travel which inevitably reduces your impact on the environment. Remember that there is an environmental cost associated with manufacturing to the shipping of the product to your doorstep.


To reduce the cost of laundry and dry cleaning, you may opt for microfiber towels which are perfectly suited for travel. They are very soft and dry relatively fast as opposed to the bulky and heavy cotton towels. Microfiber towels are also relatively light and hence reduce the weight of your packaging. Imagine the savings in fuel if all passengers on a commercial flight packed microfiber towels instead of the heavy cotton towels.

When you will be involved in strenuous activities like mountaineering and biking, then water will be indispensable. It will be advisable to avoid plastic bottles as much as possible. Not only do they create a waste management headache, they also contain certain compounds such as bisphenol A(BPA). You should therefore consider purchasing a more eco-friendly water containers for your trip. One of the most popular ones used as a travel gear is the Klean Kanteen. There are numerous other green water bottles that you will find with online retailers like Magellan.

If you are still concerned with energy savings, how about making some savings on the number of underwear that you pack. The most popular underwear for travel is certainly the Ex-Officio brands. Not only are they light and with excellent moisture wicking capability, you can also wear them for many days without the need to change often. They dry fast and are easy to launder. Many travelers find themselves going on long tours with just a handful of Ex-Officio underwear. There are many other ways that you can use to cut down on that extra footprint with your travel gear.



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