The Alternatives Map Apps for iOS 6


google-maps-ipadWhenever you go out visiting another place, the need for a map is imperative in order for you not to get lost in an unfamiliar place. Bringing a virtual map with the use of your phone or iPad made it is easier for you to roam from one place to another.

The Google Maps is one of the most used apps on most iPhones. However, the app has been removed on the new iOS 6 and has been replaced by Apple’s Map app. However, it had drawn massive criticisms due to its inaccuracy of the travel details, overlooked towns, misplaced landmarks, and vague view of the satellite shots making it inferior to Google’s. In addition to this, it also misses the public transportation maps and Google’s Street View.

With such problems, it caused people to get lost somewhere else. Eventually, this prompted the users to look for alternatives until the problem is resolved.

The top five map app alternatives

So what are the best five map apps alternatives? Let us get started to know these brilliant options for your iOS 6.

Waze – One of the best five alternative map apps to use when you’re travelling is the Waze. It will provide you with travel tips such as directions; traffic jams reports, road hazards, voice-guided navigations and even the prices of gas.

You will love this kind of map app because it is free and you will enjoy its efficiency.


Motion X GPS Drive – This Motion X GPS Drive will show you local speed limits, visual lane assistance and traffic routing. In addition to this, you can do some preload of the map before you go offline or entering an area with poor connections.

The downside for this kind of map app is that it will require a monthly subscription.

TomTom – The TomTom app will give you travel tips like a point to point locations of restaurants, gas stations and hotels. However, the disadvantage upon using this application is its monthly subscription which is $3.

Garmin StreetPilot – As for the Garmin StreetPilot, it will provide you voice navigation, 3D view of buildings, guides for transportation and give information concerning speed limits. However, in order to use some of its feature, it will require subscription.

MapQuest – The MapQuest is a free map app that provides voice navigation, gas prices and even a glimpse on the current traffic situation.

Other map app alternatives

Aside from the mentioned map apps, there are also other alternatives that render the same services. These are:

  • vTransit
  • Maps+
  • Bing
  • LumaticCity Maps
  • Co-Rider

Indeed the virtual maps are essential to a traveler. However, when issue arises about the efficiency of map apps, you better have to look for other alternatives that would give you a guarantee and efficient service.

With the given map apps, not all carry on the advantages of accuracy, updates and being free. Besides, there are tools that would require subscription to fully utilize their service. Therefore, you have to choose map apps that will meet your needs.



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