America’s Paradise : US Virgin Islands


The United States is home to one of the best holiday sites in the world. If you are a tourist with some money to spend on a vacation but you are wondering where to head to, then the US Virgin Islands is the ultimate destination. Referred to as America’s Paradise, the Islands boast of wonderful scenery that will make every penny you spend on the travel worthwhile. While at the islands, you can visit several places. This includes St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix all of which have exclusive resorts for optimum enjoyment and relaxation.

What makes a travel to the US Virgin Islands an unforgettable experience is the beautiful beaches and waters. Actually, the beaches around here are considered the best in the world and people just come here to practice some deep-sea fishing or just to bask in the sun. If you are a fun of scuba diving, then the numerous crash sites will be ideal for you.

Paradise By F H Mira


Apart from the sea experience, visiting the islands gives you an opportunity to sample food from the local restaurants, which is considered to be among the best in the world. For less than $100, you get a chance to swim with the turtles as you take a tour of the Turtle sanctuary while aboard a yacht. The journey that usually takes about three hours will make your visit to the islands an unforgettable experience and is worth every cent.

Apart from this, visitors get to see an array of sea life. The islands are considered to be home to one of the best collection of aquatic plants and sea animals. Actually, some of the sea plants and animals found in the highlands are considered to have been long extinct. These just but explains why a visit to the islands is necessary for any visitor.

US Virgin Islands By F H Mira

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Paradise By F H Mira

US Virgin Islands By F H Mira




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