Boulder Colorado Travel Guide


Boulder, Colorado is a great place to visit with friends and family. It has fantastic attractions that really bring life to the whole travelling adventure. If you are planning to travel to Boulder, CO it is good to book with Emirates business class and understand the best spots and locations to visit.

Boulder  Colorado
Boulder  Colorado by roger4336

Boulder, Colorado has plenty of dining locations that are very unique. They deal with Mexican and American delicacies in various forms. The continental fare is among the common locations which are known in the area. The place also has shopping malls, music stores, bookstores and the famous cycling malls. Boulder, CO is also known for spas as well as the growth of health clinics is becoming popular.

Pearl Street Boulder Colorado
Pearl Street Boulder Colorado by Ken Lund

Hiking is a common activity in Colorado and many locations for hiking are targeted every year. This includes Bald Mountain Scenic Area, Betasso Preserve Canyon Loop trail and Bobolink trail among others.


The hotels in Boulder, CO are exquisite and are always booked in advance. This is the best place to find hotels with professional services. Rooms are decorated with paintings and color because this is a jovial town.

Entertainment is top notch at Boulder, Colorado with places like Fine Craft Fair and even Boulder Farmers Market Fine. International film festivals are held in this place while visitors come from around the world. The music includes reggae, soul and blues which are played in famous clubs. It is truly an amazing place with a lot of people who come to celebrate the great festivals.

Elizabeth and Pam Gogol Bordello Fox Theatre Boulder Colorado
Elizabeth and Pam Gogol Bordello Fox Theatre Boulder Colorado by gregor_y

Food and drinks have always hit in Boulder, CO with all the restaurants such as culinary Walking Tour. They fix both local and international dishes with careful details to attention. The food is delicious which is something tourists love. Sporting activities like biking and football have so many fans. Boulder, Colorado is the best place to experience the best things in life.



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