The Changing Face of Package Holidays


Everyone has their own opinion of package holidays. Some look at them as a convenient way to go abroad without the hassle and expense of organizing their own transport and accommodation. Others can’t think of anything worse than joining a coach-load of fellow holidaymakers to some of the world’s busiest resorts and beaches. Still more know nothing else – and routinely take a package holiday or two year in, year out…

travel holiday package

But whatever you may think of them, there’s no denying that the package holiday market is changing. A lot. As a perceived ‘luxury’, holidays are often the first thing to go when families or couples are under financial pressure. The market has had to adapt during the recession and during these ensuing difficult times, to stay competitive and to stay afloat. If it can’t convince tourists to part with their money, they won’t. Simple.


Aside from a flood of special offers and tempting deals that work hard to draw in your custom, package holidays are expanding. Tour operators such as Thomas Cook Holidays are now pushing the boundaries and offering hassle-free travel to new and relatively ‘undiscovered’ destinations. One recent addition that stands out is the sun-baked islands of Cape Verde.

They are also putting a new twist on old favourites. For instance, you might never have heard of Medenine Governorate holidays – but you’re more likely to know of Tunisia. Medenine is a town close to Tunisia’s east coast and a stone’s throw from beautiful Djerba Island – a little slice of paradise in the Gulf of Gabes. In Medenine you can enjoy Tunisian culture and delicious cuisine, without the packed beaches and English accents of the main holiday resorts of Sousse or Hammamet.

Whatever your opinion of package holidays, it’s well worth nosing through a brochure or having a quick flick through the tour operators’ websites from time to time. You might be surprised at what you find…



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