Culebra, Puerto Rico Amazing Vacation


If there is a site where travelers will get an awesome beach experience, then it is Puerto Rico. What makes this an ideal tourist destination for travelers is its proximity to the US mainland. The island is adorned with magnificent beaches that draw people from all nations just to come and behold their beauty. However, the most magnificent beach in Puerto Rico is the Playa Flamenco situated in Culebra. Although still unknown to many, the Culebra, Puerto Rico Island is considered the most magnificent beach in America.

Honeymoon Puerto Rico
Honeymoon Puerto Rico By stoneflower

Located almost 20 miles from the mainland, Culebra is laid back in manner that leaves visitors to the beach puzzled as to its beauty. Unlike other beaches where you can only go by boat, Culebra is so expansive such that it can be assessed by air. This makes it a great tourist location for business executives who want to wind up as they have fun. Other than planes, one can still assess the region using a ferry something that gives you the real feeling of the surrounding areas.


Puerto Rico is famed world-over for beach hoping and every year during the summer, thousands of visitors come here for recreation. Apart from this, Culebra, Puerto Rico is famed for hiking making it the only location in America where you can have both a beach and a hiking experience as you watch wildlife.

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Apart from this, there are beach apartments where one can spend the night for as little as $150 per night. By any standard, this is a reasonable figure compared to what similar facilities charge. The Villa Flamenco Beach is the most exclusive apartment in the region but there are other cheaper ones. One of these is the Palmetto Guesthouse which on top of being cheap it gives free water gears to occupants. This feature makes this beach ideal for any group of income earners.




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