European Travel and Destination Guide


Many things and places pack the punch of Europe. From budget travel to cheap lodgings, from awesome weather to remarkable culture, from its Northern lights to Southern shore,Europe is simply surprising and thrilling.

In no doubt, Europe is a delight to backpackers and travelers. It offers nothing but great and wondrous experience to everyone who visits this drama queen. Whatever you do in this place, you will surely be awestruck and mesmerize. However, a Europe travel can be overwhelming and confusing.

forum of rome

With this, traveling tips is a great help especially for people who will be going to Europe for the first time. Luckily, you stumble with this page that aims to provide some traveling tips in going to Europe. Read on!

  • Bring earplugs for sleeping because Europe can be surprisingly crowded and noisy.
  • Make sure to bring cell phones.
  • Try to learn 20 words and phrases of German and French language.
  • Never assume that public transportation is better than cars for rent in Europe.
  • Make an advance registration with hostels or lodges.
  • Don’t forget your ATMs and bring enough money in Euro currency.
  • Bring a guidebook and a map with you.
  • In your Europe travel, make sure to check out small towns and Countryside.
  • One of the traveling tips you should keep in mind is to avoid traveling to Europe in busy seasons especially in July and August.

Europe travel and destination guide

Europe offers wondrous attractions and historical culture. However, at some point this part of the world is too much for travelers to bear. Some of them don’t know what place to visit first while others are confused with the European environment. With this, let this page provide you a Europe destination guide.

European heritage

  • The birthplace of democracy in Athens
  • Renaissance buildings and art of Florence
  • The forum of Rome
  • The canals of Venice
  • Napoleonic grandeur of Paris

Breathtaking landscapes

  • The remarkable fjords of Norway
  • Magnificent scenery of Scottish Highlands
  • The spectacular Alps of Switzerland, France and Italy
  • Spain’s Costa Brava
  • Portugal’s Algarve
  • The gem-like islands of Croatia and Greece

Easy Europe travel and destination guide for you

  • Travel from Rome to Paris
  • See the beauty and highlights of Italy
  • Tour from St Petersburg to Budapest
  • Enjoy the glam of Belgium and Holland
  • Walk the magnificent Tour du Mont Blanc

Europe travel and hostels

This page will also provide you some of the best hostels in Europe. Keep on reading!

  • The Winston in Amsterdam. There are 30 private hotel rooms with private beer garden and a popular nightclub. The Winston is filled with custom art and design making every room special.
  • St. Christopher in Paris. This is a large hostel overlooking the water. It is known for its cleanliness and modern features and is near the Gare du Nord train station.
  • M&J Hostel in Rome. M&J has a good reputation and is conveniently located near Termini Train station. They have pleasant staff, clean room and dorms and they also provide breakfast buffet together with a coupon for a free drink.
  • Home Made Hostel in Budapest. Another great hostel with friendly staff, comfortable rooms, excellent self-catering facilities and free Wi-Fi.

Other hostels in Europe

  • Albareda Youth Hostel in Barcelona
  • East Seven Berlin Hostel in Berlin
  • Academy Hostel inFlorence
  • Astor Museum Hostel in London
  • RC Miguel Angel in Madrid
  • Villa Siant Exupery in Nice

Final thoughts

A Europe travel will surely give you an experience like no other. Its famous attractions and momentous history is enough to relieve your stress and worries. So, why not plan your Europe travel now? Enjoy!

Image Credit : The Forum, Rome by Mr Phil Price



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