Experiencing Europe


Europe is one of the favorite destinations of honeymooners, tourists, and even job seekers. Who would not love the classic beauty of its countries which has been the center of romance even way back in the past? The rich culture of Europeans, which includes aristocracy, Christianity, and luxurious fashion, is just among the reasons why Europe is a dream destination for many.

Here are some of the top European tourist spots that are usually visited for their grandeur:

  1. Acropolis of Athens- Greece is famous for its gods and goddesses and acropolises. Moreover, a Greek visit would not be complete without reaching the ‘must-see’ Acropolis of Athens.  This is one of the main attractions in Greece that continues to be even after centuries.
  2. Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower- when you say Paris, this is the first thing that would come up in a person’s mind. Though this is not the tallest structure in the world anymore, it still remains to be the favorite spot in France, especially for lovers. The tower, which is also known as the “iron lady” is even more attractive at night as it is brightly lit by twinkling lights.
  3. Canals of Venice- A visit to Europe is best represented by a boat ride in one of the canals of Venice,Italy. Being in a city that floats on the sea and roaming around it by a rowing boat is surely a magical experience and different from the car-crowded busy streets of the ordinary cities.
  4. Stonehenge- this one is truly a wonder of nature as its stones are arranged in a circular pattern. This prehistoric monument is situated in the Wiltshire county of England and remains a mystery to many and so it never fails to attract tourists.
  5. Buckingham Palace- the United Kingdom is the epitome of luxury. Royal family,  Ladbrokes Bingo, luxury cars, and other manifestations of deluxe are what symbolize it.  Moreover, what tourists to the United Kingdom would never want to miss is a tour to the Buckingham Palace in London. The residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, this is one of the few remaining functional royal palaces in the world. This opens to the public in August and September when the Queen is in Scotland.

There are lots of fascinating places in Europe and one would never have a dull tour around the continent. Its elegant cultures, architectures, and other preserved characteristics are classic and they will always be a treasure for tourists.


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