Get the Most out of your Gran Canaria Holiday



The island of Gran Canaria is one of those places that still feels secret and undiscovered, simply because of its sheer beauty. Not only is there so much to explore and experience here, but the quality of the experience is like no other place in the Canaries archipelago.

As the drama of the mountains in the south look out over the leafy landscapes of the north, the typical perception of Gran Canaria as a tourist hotspot leave you as soon as you feel the island for yourself. Very few tourists are able to experience Gran Canaria like its supposed to be, however here are some of the best ways to get the most out of your holiday here, ensuring you have a trip of a lifetime.

Walking In The Countryside 

If you want to see the real Gran Canaria, then it’s recommended that you set off on foot into the countryside. There are many tours available that will take you on the most wonderful journey across this Mediterranean landscape, stopping off at traditional villages and historic monuments inland, however if you’re on the island for a week or two, it’s best to make your own way. Maps are easily available from hotels, but if you want to save yourself some money then buy one online before you travel to the island.


As you turn away from the tourist-laden coastline, and make your way into the untamed countryside, you’ll start to see a dramatic contrast that separates the real Gran Canaria from the advertised one. As the soil beneath your feet becomes bumpier, and you make your way up the gently undulating hills, you’ll be offered sights unlike anywhere else on the island. Before you leave for your trek, make sure to pack lots of water, as well as some food so you can have a picnic looking over the island. If you’re holidaying in Gran Canaria with your loved one, then a walk into the countryside can be a very romantic experience.

Submarine Adventure 

If a quiet walk into the country isn’t your style, then taking a submarine adventure surely will be. Prices are pretty cheap, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when taking your kids, and the underwater tour is nearly an hour long! Submerging eight times a day from the Puerto De Morgan Port, the owners of the submarine even put on a free bus to take you to the dock – all you have to do is call ahead and arrange collection from your hotel or apartment. The tour itself is simply amazing, and you’ll be taken down into the dark waters to see some of the most beautiful tropical fish the Mediterranean has to offer.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a popular activity in Gran Canaria, and there are lots of wrecks just off-shore for you to explore. There are loads of companies dotted along the beachfront that offer diving expeditions, and although you might have to do a day or two’s worth of training, it will be more than worth the experience.

Image Credit : Gran Canaria by Dancker



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