Guide to California Gold Country


Although travelers seeking for a mountain experience in frequent Tahoe and Yosemite, the California Gold Country gives a more refreshing experience. Unlike Tahoe and Yosemite, Gold Country is closer to San Francisco and the environment is not as crowded as the other recreation sites in the region. Apart from this, visiting the region is much cheaper compared to the exorbitant fees that authorities charge people visiting the Californian Mountains.

Ideally, what makes the California Gold Country an ideal tourist destination are the numerous towns located along Hwy 49 Street. These towns are made in an olden model something that gives visitors a sense of permanence. Hwy 49 is generally a winding drive that spans across some of the most historic sites in American history. Among the places that the Hwy drive passes is the Jamestown train, which is considered one of the most historic monuments in American history.

Rail Car Jamestown California


The drive also passes along a small traditional town called the Volcano, which was formed from a volcanic eruption. If you are a traveler along this route, you will also pass a place famed for producing the best wine in the world. This makes it an ideal location for people who want to sample their ideal wine from its source. There are also historical caves along the way, which are major tourist attractions. Along the way, one also gets to see gold panning spots since gold is still refined using traditional methods in this region. However, the ideal site in this drive is the Nevada city, which is synonymous with traditional art.

Despite all these attractions, the best treat for visitors comes during the winter. During this time, the region is known for organizing snow parks a treat that kids have come to love over the years. In addition, there is the Bear Valley where adults can play seasoned winter games with their friends and the locals.


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