Hunting for the World’s Oldest English Pubs


Another english pubFor anyone who is looking to travel by themselves, it’s a great idea to pick a theme to guide you in your travels. If you have a love of beer, great food and a warm and inviting atmosphere, why not take on the hunt for the world’s oldest English pubs!

Before travelling anywhere else in the world, you should take the time to explore the home contenders who are fighting for the prized title of England’s oldest pub. After experiencing them for yourself, it’s time to move on and find some old English pubs in other parts of the world.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks – England

While the title of the oldest pub in England is hotly contested, there’s only one that has the official support of the Guinness Book of World Records, and it’s Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. Set in the picturesque surrounds of Arnside, this pub is an 11th century structure on an 8th century site which strongly supports its claim to the title. With a cosy bed and breakfast setup, this old pub is a great place to stay while you explore the stunning landscape of Arnside and Silverdale.

Bingley Arms – England

The Bingley Arms is one of the many pubs who refute Ye Olde Fighting Cocks claim. Proudly displayed on their website, the Bingley Arms claims to officially be the oldest pub in Britain. Steeped in history, this magnificent pub is a welcome retreat from the bustle of the streets and showcases an interior that is full of historical interest. Old priest holes are hidden in the chimney, and an original Dutch oven sits majestically in the lounge. Sit for a while, enjoy one of the pubs famously good meals, and listen to the stories and tales that make the Bingley Arms so unique.


The Rising Sun – Tokyo

Back in the 70’s, Jerry Hegarty had a dream of creating a Victorian style pub that would feel like a little piece of home for travellers with a thirst for the best British food and beer. It is now a thriving establishment showcasing the traditional appeal of great food and drinks in a relaxed and welcoming pub atmosphere. The oldest British pub in Tokyo, the Rising Sun attracts a steady stream of tourists, locals and expats alike.

Mr Pickwick – Switzerland

Whether you want to have a quiet drink, party the night away or simply experience some old-style English food, you can’t go past Mr Pickwick. As Switzerland’s oldest English pub, it styles itself as a true home away from home for all expats and travellers looking for a great place to stop in and have a traditional beer or breakfast.

Touring the world’s oldest English pubs will not only give you a glimpse into a unique slice of history, but it is a truly satisfying way to travel. It’s the perfect adventure to undertake when you’re looking for some great solo travel ideas. So go on, grab a pint of the house’s best, take a table by the fire and enjoy a hearty home-style pub meal.

About the Author : Emma Jane has been a travel blogger for 4 years. She enjoys the nomad life and meeting new people in her travels. She is currently in Lithuania exploring and writing her experiences down.

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