Prepare Yourself for the Slopes: A Beginners Guide to Skiing



If you’re considering hitting the slopes, whether it is a last minute dash before the end of the season, or a plan for 2014, knowing the basics before your first day at ski school could be a big advantage. With any activity holidays by Neilson, you will have access to excellent tuition within your chosen resort, which can be tailor made to suit you. A few tips and advice before you go won’t do any harm though.

Lessons may sound laborious, but in actual fact, they are incredibly fun as well as educational. Not only that, but the qualified instructors will also keep you safe.

Learning how to stop can be your saving grace. If you don’t know anything else before you, reading up on how to perform the ‘snow plough’ can help you get out of many sticky situations, and also give you a little boost in knowledge before your stint in the ski school.


Bending your knees will help to keep the right stance, which will in turn maintain the correct posture. Lean forward a little, so that your weight is on the balls of your feet, too.

Try it first with the available dry ski slopes and indoor snow domes that are available in cities across the UK. It can give you some great insight before you hit the mountains and will also give you a practice run at getting on and off ski lifts!

Pick the right gear to ensure that you’re comfortable and warm. Think about what layers you will need – it’s surprising how hot you get on the mountains; chances are you don’t need that chunky knit sweater!

Whether you choose to ski with friends and family or prefer to go it alone with one of the available singles ski holidays, knowing the basics can be a huge help. Activity holidays by Neilson are some of the best available – book your spot now, for an unforgettable holiday in the mountains.



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