When Should You Purchase Travel Clothing?

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Many travelers find themselves in the great dilemma on whether to buy travel gear or just use the normal clothing for their travel needs.  If you are on a business travel, it might actually make sense to purchase some special carryon luggage or some unique tech gear but you might not necessarily need special travel clothing. If you are going on some backpacking tour of South Africa or hitchhiking in Asia, then it might be more prudent to consider purchasing some travel clothing.

Unlike the normal clothing that we are used to, travel clothing come with some special qualities. Most of the manufacturers of the various travel gear expect that if you will be engaged in some outdoors activities then it is going to be strenuous or demanding. Special attention is given to making travel gear that can withstand lots of strain. Special attention has also been given to the moisture wicking ability of the clothing.

Don’t even imagine of going on a hitch-hiking or mountaineering with a cotton shirt. Because many regions have varying temperatures ranging from cool temperate to warm tropical, the clothing is designed to keep you relatively comfortable in these extreme conditions.


Many of the travel clothing have been made with special features that you are unlikely to find in any normal clothing. From the insect repellant clothing to the UV protection, travel gear is made to fit the unique situations of usage. Some underwear can even be worn for days without getting smelly, and dry fast thus enabling you to pack very few clothes for your outdoors trips. Some of the travel clothing is dirt and wrinkle resistant allowing you to go on backpacking for days without looking too dirty.

You can buy travel clothing if you are going on a trip that will include lots of strenuous activities for example. If you are planning to go on trips such as backpacking where you will need very few clothes, then travel clothing will be highly suitable.  Because most of the travel gear is designed to withstand high performance, it is highly recommended to purchase them if you are planning to engage in activities like mountaineering, backpacking, kayaking, biking and more.  While they might seem costly, the return on investment is worth it and you can use them for many years to come.



  1. Nice suggestions here, Juan. I particularly agree with the part about buying clothes in other countries, especially if they have a completely different climate than where you live. The clothes that they sell there are specifically made and designed for their climate; so it will keep you warm. Not to worry about if you won’t be able to use it after the trip. If you love traveling, you’ll eventually find an occasion to use those clothes again.


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