The Top 5 St Anton Ski Chalets


St Anton in Austria is one of the most popular skiing destinations for beginners and experts alike. Renowned for drawing in celebrities, royal family members and even professional skiers, this is one destination you must not miss out on! If you are looking at staying in St Anton then here are the top 5 chalets to take your pick from.

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1) Chalet Aitken

Those who are after a little bit of luxury will absolutely adore what the Chalet Aitken in St Anton has to offer. Not only will it easily sleep 8 people, it is spacious and modern making it feel as though you could fit in a lot more!

You can expect a log fire and sauna for those ‘stay at home’ evenings, as well as easy access to restaurants and bars for when you want to hit the town.

All of the resort facilities, slopes and the suchlike are around 5 minutes downhill walk, so there’s no excuse not to get up early and beat the queues. Well, unless you were hit by the night-life of St Anton of course!

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2) Mountainstar Lodges

If your luxurious side has not been drawn out by Chalet Aitken then the Mountainstar Lodges will surely do that. Each chalet within the lodges has been designed for those who love their stylish and funky décor. Again, these chalets will sleep up to 8 people and are closely situated so that you can book a few for larger groups.

If just one sauna isn’t enough, then these chalets have their own wellness area that includes the sauna as well as hot-tub and relaxation shower. In fact, this accommodation is so luxurious that you won’t want to make the 5 minute walk to the slopes!


3) Chalet Elfie

For smaller groups of 2-4 then the Chalet Elfie is a beautiful accommodation choice, that suits a tighter budget too! Situated in a larger building, you get your own private facilities and get to hang out with other skiers in the communal areas too.

The resort centre is packed full of handy facilities such as ski and boot storage as well as a sauna to rest those tired muscles at the end of the day. Perfect for those who want the St Anton luxury on a budget!

4) Chalet Adler

A family orientated chalet, this is only suitable for those who are booking with children. All rooms in the chalet are built solely with families in mind, so expect lots of space and handy amenities nearby!

The great thing about Chalet Adler in St Anton is that it is close to everything, such as restaurants, shopping and bars. As well as having a bus stop to take you to further away ski slopes (your closest one being a 5 minute walk away)!

5) Chalet Hanzel or Gretl

Newly built chalets that offer everything anyone could ever possibly need, no really! Right at the higher end of the price range, these chalets are some of the most beautiful in St Anton, in fact Austria itself!

Each chalet sleeps 8 people and are in the same building, so you can book the both out for larger groups. One has a steam room, the other a sauna, so booking the pair means you get the best of both worlds.

Seeing is believing when it comes to these chalets, so have a look through the never-ending list of facilities and luxuries that will have you wanting to take out a bank loan.

St Anton ski chalets are renowned for having that little extra touch of luxury. Now you just need to decide between a sauna or the hot-tub?

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St Anton is a lively ski resort, packed full of activities and perfect skiing opportunities. Thousands of visitors flock here every year, each one of which will have their favourite St Anton ski chalet to choose from.

The examples above are just a fraction of what is available, so get searching and see what you can discover in this Austrian ski paradise!

Written by Nathan Griffiths, who loves winter sports and hopes to stay very soon in one of these St Anton ski chalets.



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