Travel Gear for a Techie Traveler

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Are you the techie? Whether you are going on business travel or simply some leisurely holiday, technology will play an important role on your trip. Digital cameras and smartphones are today part of the recipe for most travelers enabling them to snap a few moments and memories and keep families and colleagues informed but that is not all that there is to travel gear for a techie. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of nowhere without the requisite gadgets to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

If you are going on super-charged high performance and busy holiday, then you will certainly need some helmet cameras. Helmet cameras can be worn on your biking, mountaineering, kayaking and other adventure travel activity where your two hands will be seriously engaged elsewhere.  They can be attached to any of your helmets and used as wearable camcorders. There are several camcorder models available and you can find some great models on some sites like Amazon to suit your taste.

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Solar chargers will also come very handy if you are planning to hitchhike on some remote location where regular power supply will not be guaranteed. With solar chargers, you can keep your camcorders and PDAs up and running even in the remotest places as long as there is sufficient sunlight. One of the most popular solar charger models is the Power Traveler Powermonkey model.


If you are traveling to a new country and you are unsure with AC mains supply ratings being used, it will be advisable to purchase a power adapter. Different countries have varying AC mains supply ratings. For example the North American 110V mains supply is quite different from the 240V in the UK and other countries. To be on the safe side, it is prudent to have a travel adapters and converters during your travel.

Finally, if you will be carrying your PDAs and digital cameras around, you will need to purchase some top quality waterproof casings for your electronic devices. These are normally quite cheap. If you can afford, you may even purchase a waterproof camera. The Olympic Stylus waterproof camera can be of great use in an environment where it rains a lot or in watersports.




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