Yellowstone National Park


Have you been planning a vacation to Yellowstone National Park? This is a great plan because Yellowstone offers the most amazing attractions the world can offer. It has recreational spots, hotels, resorts restaurants and camping among other exciting activities. This is the first America’s National Park and this title carries a lot of weight. The accommodation facilities are comfortable and stylish so that you will feel very content.

Yellowstone National park is very large covering more than 2.2 million acres of vast land. It is boarded by Montana and Idaho while it is surrounded by beautiful sceneries. You will find geothermal activities, Old Faithful and the most amazing huge Hot Springs. These are favorite spots for tourists every year. The place has flowing fountains, fast rivers, and cascading waterfalls, warbling mud-pots, volcanic features as well as forest plantations. The beautiful phenomena coupled with photographic gems gives life in every location. You can go with your camera and take pictures of calderas and geologic features surrounding the park. This is an amazing location with beautiful features that will leave you stunned.

Hot Pools Yellowstone By pfly

Yellowstone National Park also provides the opportunity for bird watching and wildlife encounters. This is widespread scenery and you will not miss out the chance to see all the bird and animals as they go about their daily activities. The jeep or car will is the safe place to move around seeing elk, moose, wild sheep, bison and mongoose. The car will also enable you to see animals like black bear, grizzly bear, lion and wolves are common in this park. These are all wild animals and one cannot walk of foot but a guide on the jeep will be able to explain all the details. It is important to visit the park with a guide for safety purposes and so that you get the history behind the park.

Yellowstone National Park By Ken Lund

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