What’s not to love about Banaue? The crisp air, the lush green surrounding, the warm people—not to mention the rich history and culture that you could not find elsewhere.

Built with the minimal use of equipment, the rice terraces in Banaue were carved on the mountains of Ifugao by Filipino indigenous people 2,000 years ago.: Athena Lei Bada [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Banaue is best known for its world-famous rice terraces. After all, it was hailed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, not only for its beauty but for what it represents, as well. However, several equally beautiful and exciting spots in Banaue is worth visiting, as well. Here are six of them:

The Villages of Tam-an, Bocos, and Poitan

Witness the rich everyday lives of the Ifugao in their respective communities. See how they weave and carve their crafts in the Poitan village while learning about how huts reflect one’s status in life by visiting the Bocos village. Meanwhile, head on to Tam-an village and pay homage to the Ifugao ancestors and see their bones wrapped in a colorful, woven blanket.

The Banaue Museum and the Museum of Cordillera Sculpture

Drink in the rich cultural heritage of the people of Banaue through these museums. The Banaue Museum features a collection of antiques and artifacts, including the collection of the Father of Philippine Anthropology, H. Otley Beyer. On the other hand, marvel at the collection of Ifugao woodcarvings, ritual objects, weaponry, and smoked human skulls at the Museum of Cordillera Sculpture.

Awan-Igid-Pula-Cambulo Hiking Trail

Every corner of Banaue has something worth seeing, so why not see all these attractions in a trek? Go on an all-day hike following the Awan-Igid-Pula-Cambulo hiking trail and enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

Tappiya Falls

Banaue has many surprises and seeing Tappiya Falls after two- to three-hour trek will, not only surprise but will amaze you, as well. Also, since you are already there, why don’t you take a dip, relax those muscles, and just commune with nature.