Embarking on a journey to the enchanting archipelago of Palau can be the adventure of a lifetime. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Palau is a paradise for divers, nature lovers, and those seeking tranquility away from the bustling tourist spots. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to get to Palau, including the best travel routes, tips for finding flights, and advice on entry requirements.

how to get to palau

Finding Your Flight to Palau

1. Major Airports and Airlines
The primary gateway to Palau is through the Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, located near the capital city of Koror. Major airlines that service this route include United Airlines, Asiana Airlines, and China Airlines, offering flights from several key transit hubs:

  • From the United States: The most common route is from Honolulu, Hawaii, which connects directly to Palau.
  • From Asia: Direct flights are available from Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Taipei, Taiwan.

2. Booking Tips
To secure the best deals:

  • Plan Ahead: Booking your flight well in advance can help you snag lower prices.
  • Use Flight Comparison Tools: Websites like Skyscanner or Kayak allow you to compare prices across multiple airlines and choose the most economical option.
  • Consider Off-Peak Travel: Flying during the off-peak season can dramatically reduce costs and enhance your experience by avoiding the crowds.

Entry Requirements and Visas

1. Visa Policies
Palau welcomes tourists from many countries visa-free for stays up to 30 days, with possible extensions. It’s crucial to check the latest entry requirements based on your nationality before making travel plans.

2. COVID-19 Considerations
As travel norms continue to evolve due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensure to verify any health and safety protocols that might be in place. This might include vaccination requirements, testing, or quarantine measures.

Getting Around in Palau

Once you arrive, there are various transportation options available:

  • Car Rentals: Renting a car is a popular choice for flexibility and convenience.
  • Taxis and Shuttles: These are readily available at the airport and hotels.
  • Tour Services: Many visitors opt for guided tours, especially for activities like scuba diving and island hopping.

Tips for a Memorable Palau Visit

  • Respect Local Customs: Palauans are proud of their cultural heritage. Showing respect to local customs and traditions will enrich your experience.
  • Environment Conservation: Palau is renowned for its pristine natural environment and biodiversity. Participate in conservation efforts by respecting wildlife and natural habitats.
  • Explore Beyond the Beaten Path: While the Rock Islands and Jellyfish Lake are must-sees, exploring lesser-known areas can provide unique experiences.


Visiting Palau offers an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most spectacular natural environments. By planning your trip carefully and respecting the local ecosystem, you can ensure a trip that’s as smooth as it is memorable. Safe travels!