Vacation in Flathead Lake, Montana

Flathead Lake, Montana is considered the most expansive lake in America that contains fresh water. Apart from being the biggest fresh water lake in the region, Flathead is actually one of the biggest lakes in America. This lake boasts of an historical legacy spanning thousands of years since it is believed to be the remains of the diminished inland sea. Due to these features, thousands of tourists get ready their reasonably priced airfare and make trips to Montana to bask in the glory of this great wonder of nature.

Another feature that makes the lake attractive to tourists is its location. On the eastern shore, it is surrounded by the Mission Mountains while the Salish Mountains lie on its eastern part. Due to its location, the lake maintains a mild climate throughout the year a feature that is uncommon in most lakes around the world.


Due to the favorable climate, the eastern shore produces cherry orchards throughout the year while the western part has one of the rarest vineyards. This makes it an ideal place for wine production. Apart from orchards and vineyards, the lake is surrounded by all kinds of fruits due to the favorable climate around the lake. This feature has led many people to refer to the lake as the “modern Eden.”

Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Montana specifically to visit the Flathead Lake. In modern day standards, the lake is considered as one of the very few that have not yet been polluted by industrial waste. This has made aquatic life to flourish in the lake. If you make a visit to the lake, you will notice numerous types of fish that swim freely in the still waters. This lake is considered the pride of Montana and it is the source of livelihood for the locals. If you are looking for a calm place to take a retreat, then Flathead Lake, Montana is the ideal place.

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