Divisoria: A Haven for the Bargain Hunter

A trip to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is not complete without visiting the shopping in the Metro – Divisoria. Here you will find a wide variety of consumer goods being sold at a very cheap price. So, if you are in for an authentic local shopping experience, come on and let’s take a trip to Divisoria.

One cannot easily tell when market time begins and ends in Divisoria. The area is alive during daytime. Shopping malls are open as early as 9 o’clock in the morning and usually closes at 7 o’clock in the evening. As soon as the malls close, the night market opens. The usual things sold at the mall are also made available to the shopping public at the night market. Most of the stalls at the night market closes at 2 o’clock in the morning.


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Fresh produce

However, it is also during this time that buying and selling fresh catch and produce are at its peak. Suppliers of vegetables, fish, meat, and alike coming from the northern and southern parts of Luzon usually arrives in Divisoria at the evening until midnight. If you are trying to buy these goods for an even lower price, try to catch them as soon as they are being offloaded from the delivery trucks. You can buy these produce at a wholesaler price and what’s even better is that they are guaranteed fresh.

Clothes and textiles

Divisoria is also where you can find affordable clothes which are imported from the neighboring Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and even as far as China and South Korea. You can buy a nice, good quality blouse for as low as P150. If you are lucky, you might even score a discount.

Wedding and party needs

Looking for beautiful gowns which are still within your budget? You came to the right place. The cheapest gown is priced around P1500 while the grandest costs around P30,000. Aside from the gowns, you can also find here other party supplies such as decorations, souvenirs, and invitations.

What do you need when you go to Divisoria

You need not bring a lot if you are planning to go to Divisoria. You only need the bare essentials such as your wallet with your money, umbrella, face towel, and water. More than is already excessive. What you need to bring in excessive amounts are patience, energy, stamina, and bargaining skills. There are stretches of bargain shops and a lot of walking is involved. If you are planning to visit on a weekend, expect that the area is packed and it gets too cramped. But that’s Divisoria for you.

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